Clairvoyance: Akashic Arcadia Expansion

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Welcome, friends

To the Akashic Arcadia, a set of five more psychics seeking to prove their mettle on the antique-strewn battlefield of .

Meet the likes of:

  • Nedeljka, a soul smuggler who will get you into the afterlife of your choosing… no matter where the Powers That Be actually sent it.
  • Kachina, a star tennis player with two bodies but one mind. She’s making a name for herself as the only individual to be a doubles team.
  • Jing Shi, a being who always turns up wearing the appearance of a person familiar to you, a friend or someone you knew long ago. Her true face is as mysterious as her intentions.
  • Shauna, a master chef with a secret skill: she can spice up her dishes with energy drawn from inanimate objects.
  • Winnemucca, a mindscape developer here to give the inside of your head a makeover, be that planting prettier thoughts or uprooting troublesome memories. 

This Expansion includes

  • 5 New Characters
  • 5 New Abilities
  • 5 New backstories

I want this!

Clairvoyance: Akashic Arcadia Expansion

0 ratings
I want this!